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American Income Life Blanket Accident & Illness Insurance

The Special Risk Division of American Income Life has specialized in group activity accident and sickness insurance for students and youth since 1952. We’ve put this experience and knowledge to work for hundreds of college and university programs nationwide. The College and University Blanket Accident and Sickness Program is perfect for TRIO programs, academic and athletic camps, field trips, group travel, competitions, and conferences. Coverage starts at as little as 12 cents per person, per day for a day plan.

AIL Special Risk insurance coverage is a low cost service and easy to administrate. No names are required, just numbers and dates. It also helps promote a trusting relationship between the college and the parents. Anyone would appreciate avoiding out-of-pocket medical expenses, which can easily exceed the cost of participating in this program. Not leaving families with large medical bills could potentially avoid a nuisance lawsuit. American Income Life’s Special Risk Division gives prompt payment of claims because of a commitment to health and safety.


Plan Highlights

  • Coverage starts at as little as 12 cents per person, per day
  • Group Travel Coverage included
  • Resident programs covered for accident and sickness 24/7 while policy is in force
  • Primary, no-deductible coverage
  • Includes incurred medical and surgical treatment, X-rays, hospital confinement, and ambulance expense up to the maximum amount
  • Covers medical and hospital expense (up to the maximum amount) for approved illness while this policy is in force
  • Covers dental services incurred within 52 weeks of the accident
  • Provides a benefit if death occurs as a result of an accident within 100 days of the accident
  • Coverage for diseases up to scheduled amount

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Descriptions above are summaries and provide very brief descriptions and are not an insurance contract. Product availability varies by state and some products are not available in all areas. Complete details of the benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions of specific policies and availability should be obtained from the American Income Life Special Risk Division.


Examples of Claims

The following examples are actual claims which have been paid by The Special Risk Division of American Income Life.

A high school student attending a college academic camp was participating in a tug of war activity. A second participant fell into his left knee and ankle. The student required treatment at a local medical facility and follow-up rehab appointments. The accident policy helped pay for the expenses incurred.
Members of a university-sponsored Upward Bound program were traveling by car to a Saturday college event. The 18-year-old driver lost control of her car and overturned her vehicle. The driver was killed instantly and her 2 passengers were transported to local hospitals. Loss of life benefits were paid to the driver’s family. The policy also helped pay for dental and medical expenses for the 2 survivors of the crash.
A high school student was participating in a science camp sponsored by a large state university. Activities included lab work where eye protection is required. During an experiment, the student forgot to wear protective goggles and looked directly into an ultraviolet light. The exposure burned her cornea and required emergency room treatment. The university’s AIL policy helped pay for her medical expenses and prescription medications.