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4-H & Cooperative Extension

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. 4-H works to develop youth to their full potential, and we’re proud to offer specialized medical insurance coverage for their group activities. AIL Special Risk Division offers 2 insurance policies for 4-H programs: the Special Activities Coverage for Accident and Illness for individual events, and Dollar-a-Year 4-H Club Accident Insurance for a full year of coverage. Learn More


If you operate a camp or conference center, you know how important it is to have dependable camper medical insurance. When accidents occur, it’s essential to have an insurance company that can pay claims quickly and efficiently. Look no further than AIL’s Special Risk Division. Our Camp and Conference Center Policy promotes your commitment to health and safety. Learn More


Whether it’s for TRIO programs (federal outreach and student services programs), academic or athletic camps, alumni groups, group travel, or conferences, AIL’s Special Risk Division has a medical insurance policy for your school’s needs. Our prompt payment of claims strengthens your relationships with your health center and local medical providers. Resident programs are covered 24 / 7 for accident and sickness. Learn More


Need insurance to cover students and volunteers? We have plans for students participating in educational tours. Chaperones are covered too! American Income Life’s Special Risk Division is an Associate Member of the Student Youth and Travel Association (The Voice of Student Travel.) We know what you, parents, and schools need to help feel protected! Learn More


Whether you represent a denomination office, youth ministry, school, or vocational student organization, there’s an insurance policy available for your organization. American Income Life’s Special Risk Division can insure your youth-serving organization for afterschool programs, fundraisers, domestic mission trips, campus ministry activities, group tours, and special events. Learn More