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If you have a question about American Income Life Special Risk Division products, this is the best place to find answers. Browse to see answers to common questions concerning camping and submitting applications. If the answer to your question is not provided, you may submit your own.

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General Questions

Does blanket accident medical coverage only help individuals without insurance?
Any covered individual who is injured or becomes ill will face out of pocket medical expenses. Even those with personal insurance are faced with deductibles, copayment requirements, and coverage limitations.

Who is eligible for Coverage from AIL SRD?
Our two main policy areas are Special Activities and Annual Coverage for 4-H and Cooperative Extension:

Special Activities – any group activity sponsored by 4-H, Extension, USDA, NIFA, or Land Grant Universities. Collaborations with other organizations or youth serving groups may be insured as long as the 4-H office takes the lead in submitting the coverage request and payment.
Annual – 4-H Clubs, Master Gardeners, any Extension program with similar organizational structure including defined enrollment, regular meetings, etc.

We also work with Camps and Conference Centers, Colleges and Universities, Student and Youth Travel Companies, and Other Youth Serving Organizations.

If you are unsure where your group or event fits or whether it meets the requirements, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: or telephone: 800-849-4820.

I am a new 4-H/Extension agent and I found your information in our files. Can you explain to me what this insurance does?
AIL SRD provides Blanket Accident Insurance which protects members and volunteers of a state, county, or club program. Coverage is for non-employees only. The 4-H club or program is the policyholder, while the member and volunteers are the insured persons under the policy. Coverage is provided on an annual basis or as little as one day for special events. Accident and illness benefits are designed to cover the typical accident and illness claims which occur during sponsored group activities.

My county no longer writes checks, what are the other payment options?
We understand that many Counties have several different funding streams or ways of processing payments. If you are unable to submit check requests in a traditional way, some options to consider may be purchase orders or check requests from the Land Grant University Finance Office or checks issued from accounts held by County or State 4-H Foundation or Leadership Councils. If none of these options are available to you, please contact our office so we can assist.

I accidentally submitted a duplicate request for coverage. Can you delete it?
Provide the serial number for the duplicate request and AIL will delete the coverage request from our records. The request for cancellation must also include the serial number for the correct/active coverage request.

Are there any age restrictions?
The Special Risk Division of American Income Life does not insure people less than age 5 for any activity.

Special Activities Coverage

What is the best method for applying for special events coverage?
The fastest and most popular option is applying online HERE. A hard copy application may be mailed or faxed, but this may delay receipt of your Confirmation of Coverage. We cannot take requests by phone or email.

Does reporting activities early eliminate potential problems?
Absolutely! Even though denials for 4-H and Extension programs are very rare, we do like to have the opportunity to review applications in advance of events whenever possible so that we can identify any potential problems and call you with questions if needed.

I’m leaving tomorrow! What should I do?
It’s not too late to submit your Application for Coverage online! Make sure that you fill it out as completely and accurately as possible. After you click submit, you will receive an immediate email with a confirmation that we received your application and an official Confirmation of Coverage will follow within a few business days.

Who is covered by the Special Activities Policies?
AIL accident policies are for youth, adult participants, and volunteers. Coverage is not provided for spectators or members of the general public. This is a blanket policy, so all participants are included in the insurance. Use your best estimate of participants and volunteers before the event, and afterwards use the actual number to calculate the premium due.

We have an annual policy. When do we use the special activities coverage?
If you have an Annual policy for your 4-H Club there are situations where it is wise to purchase Special Activities Coverage:
  • Resident camps and other overnight travel outside the county
  • Downhill winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, tubing, etc., which are excluded by the annual policy.
  • To insure guests and other participants in events sponsored by your 4-H club or county program who are not enrolled in your club program.
When do I send my premium payment for Special Activities?
Payment is made at the conclusion of your event. If multiple events have been listed on one coverage application, it is ok to pay after the last event listed. We prefer that multiple events be within a two or three month time period.

How do we calculate payment for Special Activities Policies?
Multiply actual attendance by the number of days and the rate selected (actual attendance x number of days x rate). However, it is important to remember that there is an $8.00 minimum premium per event.

What do I do if the event is cancelled?
No premium is due if the activity is not held. Please e-mail noting that the event has been cancelled and the reason for cancellation.

When does coverage begin for a particular activity?
Participants are covered during travel time to and from the activity, as well as during the activity. Coverage only applies to uninterrupted, direct travel time. Travel coverage would end if, during travel, a participant does an activity unrelated to the group activity (like running an errand). Coverage begins again when they arrive at the activity.

When does coverage end?
Coverage ends when the participant reaches the property line of their place of residence. Participants are not covered during loading or unloading at their place of residence, unless that is the location for the group activity.

Annual Club Coverage

What activities are covered under an annual policy?
Any adult supervised group activity sponsored by 4-H/Extension.

Which leaders are covered under annual club insurance?
The intention is to include volunteers who are recognized as approved 4-H club volunteer leaders in your county. That definition varies by state, however we have found that 4-H staff and active volunteer leaders know who those folks are. If it is acceptable with your county to include ALL adults who help at some point during the year, that is OK with AIL. We just ask that whatever you do, be sure it is in compliance with your county and state guidelines and rules.

I have several annual club policies and would like to set up a county-wide policy that includes all of my 4-H members. Can I do that?
Yes! To consolidate your individual policies into one county-wide policy, you will need to complete a county-wide application. Any unused club premium will be prorated and credited to the new county-wide policy.

My 4-H office does not write checks. How do we submit payment with the application? When will coverage begin?
Submit the application for annual coverage along with a purchase order or check request. The effective date will be one day after the purchase order/check request paperwork is received as long as a check is received within 35 days.

I have an annual club policy but my renewal check will not arrive before my coverage end date. What do I do?
You have a 30 day grace period. If a check is received during the grace period AIL will backdate to the original renewal date.

Claims Questions

How are accident and illness claims submitted to AIL?
Claim forms or itemized bills may be mailed, faxed or emailed to Mailing address is AIL Claims, P.O. Box 50158, Indianapolis, IN 46250. The fax number is 317-849-2793.

The individual or family paid the balance of the medical bill. How do they get reimbursed for their out of pocket expenses?
Itemized bills and paid receipts are submitted with the name, address, phone number, and email for the individual to be reimbursed. If no instructions are provided, AIL will reimburse the medical provider.

The claim check issued by American Income Life did not match the amount on the bill submitted. Why is there a difference?
SRD will reimburse for eligible medical expenses directly related to the initial injury up to the policy limits. There are some reasonable limitations. For example, over the counter medications, supplies, durable medical equipment, lost wages, and fees are not eligible for reimbursement. Receipts/itemized statements are required for all submitted charges. AIL will contact the insured and policyholder when policy benefits have been exhausted.

How do we choose a medical provider when treatment is needed? Do they have to be in network?
Any licensed medical professional or facility may be used. The company suggests clinics, doctors’ offices, and other urgent care facilities for non life threatening injuries. Hospital emergency rooms may be utilized when no other options are available. Chiropractic services require a referral from a family doctor.

Does American Income Life Insurance Company provide liability insurance?
No. Blanket accident and illness policies from AIL SRD are not liability Insurance.

How long does a policyholder have to file a claim?
Provide a claim form to the company within 20 days of treatment, but no later than 90 days after the covered event ends. Prompt submission of a claim form facilitates better communication between the policyholder, patient and medical providers. A claim form must be submitted within one year from the date of injury or illness. Eligible medical expenses must be submitted to AIL within one year of the treatment date.