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Welcome to the American Income Life Special Risk Division blog. Here you can read camp safety tips, health insurance news, 4-H updates, and what's going on with the Special Risk Division. We want to keep you informed! To stay updated, subscribe to this blog! AIL's Special Risk Division remains exclusively involved with a single niche market. We've chosen to specialize in group activity accident and illness insurance because that's what we do best.

Special Activities Policies and Spectators

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a few questions come up lately about the specifics of if/when spectators and members of the public can be covered by our Special Activities Policies. Since we’re heading into Spring and Summer, I wanted to take a few moments to give some examples that might be helpful. The shortest explanation is that spectators/members of the public can be covered for events where there is a “controlled environment.”

What that usually means is that everyone will be registering/signing in and is coming to participate in the program at the same time. Below are some examples of events that we often see where members of the public can be covered as well as some where they are not.

Spectators typically CAN be covered:

  • Award/Achievement Night
  • Talent Show
  • Fundraiser
  • Demonstration
  • Workshop

Spectators typically NOT Covered:

  • Fair
  • Festival
  • Carnival
  • Open House
  • Tour
  • Livestock/Horse Show


This list is not meant to be exhaustive and there are definitely exceptions and grey areas inherent in this type of coverage. The title of the program is less important than the organization in terms of schedule and how people will participate. As always, if you are ever unsure about who can be covered under our policies, please feel free to reach out to our office and I will be happy to help!



Don’t Delay Filling Out a Claim Form!!!

In the youth development field, Summer is a busy and often stressful time. Most professionals are juggling a million different things on a day to day basis and we understand that the last thing most people want to add to their constantly growing to-do list is more paperwork. However, in the case of accidents and other incidents requiring medical treatment for your participants, it is vital that you take the time to fill out and submit the necessary Claim Form(s) to us as soon as possible to ensure proper processing and avoid sending your participants home with unpaid medical bills.

AIL Special Risk works hard to provide excellent coverage and outstanding customer service, but the ultimate responsibility to begin the process of filing a Claim falls on you as the policy holder. While timely filing of a Claim is no guarantee of eventual payment, it is the first step in the process and one that absolutely can’t be skipped.

If in doubt, it is always better to submit a Claim Form and not need it; than to need it and not complete it.

Our Claim Form including detailed instructions can be found on our website here:

If you have any questions regarding Claims, please feel free to call our office at 800-849-4820 or e-mail!


Summer is Coming!

Hello 4-H!

I hope this message finds you well and you are gearing up for another great summer of 4-H fun! Whether your programming consists of day camps, workshops, overnight adventures, fairs and shows, or practically all of the above, we know that summer is a hectic time for 4-H Professionals and Volunteers all over the U.S.

I just wanted to take a few moments to touch base with some information and reminders about our policies and make sure you know how to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns.

Special Activities Policies:

  • Premiums are .20, .25, or .30/person/day with an $8 minimum. The $8 minimum premium is applied per day when events are held on non-consecutive dates or per event when they are consecutive. For further clarification and examples, click here to read our blog post with detailed information about the $8 minimum and here for a flow chart to help determine when you need a Special Activities Policy.
  • HERE is the direct link to apply for Special Activities Coverage Online.
  • Once you have submitted your application, we encourage you to print/save the “Confirmation/Remittance Form” generated by the website to track your final numbers and send in along with your payment after your events are over.

Filing a Claim:

  • IF you have an accident/incident occur during a covered Program/Event which requires medical attention, follow these steps:
    • Fill out our Claim Form as completely and accurately as possible. The form must be completed by staff or volunteer who is not related to the patient and provides detailed instructions including what documentation will be needed to proceed. A PDF of the form is available online HERE.
    • Claim report must be sent directly to American Income Life within 20 days of the accident. Claim forms or itemized bills may be mailed, faxed or emailed to  Mailing address is AIL Claims, P.O. Box 50158, Indianapolis, IN 46250.  The fax number is 317-849-2793.
    • Even after the initial Claim report has been submitted, communication between the AIL SRD Office and the Policy Holder (4-H) is very important! Please make sure to keep open lines of communication and follow up with requests ASAP so that we can be sure that your participants are not left with unpaid bills!

AIL Special Risk Division Contacts – Toll Free Phone # 1-800-849-4820:

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern

  • Erin Bain – 4-H and Extension Client Relations –
    • When in doubt – call/e-mail me first for any questions regarding coverage for 4-H and Extension programs and events.
  • Laurel Fassold – Accounting –
    • Questions about billing, requesting invoices, confirming payments, etc.
  • Cindy Baugh – Claims –
    • Any and all claims questions!
  • Hannah Miller – Support Specialist –
    • Additions, corrections, deletions, cancellations, confirmation of coverage, etc. for already submitted applications

What Does Camp Mean to YOU?

In our decades of serving camps all across the Country, the AIL Special Risk Division has learned that camp is much more than a place where kids go canoeing or get more bug bites than they can count or learn silly songs to annoy their parents with on the ride home (at least until they fall asleep that is). Camp is an experience that teaches youth important life skills and allows them to get outside of their comfort zones in a multitude of ways that they could never find at home. Even adults who attend for the first time as employees can learn, grow, and fall in love with camp in ways that they probably never thought were possible before it happened.

We want to hear from Camp Professionals about what camp means to YOU and reward a few who are willing to respond with $50 Amazon gift cards so you can hopefully treat yourself to something fun before the Summer officially begins!

Provide us with a few words or short phrases about what the experience of camp meant to you as a youth and/or how it still impacts you today as a professional.

If you have any questions about the survey itself or would like information or a quote or a camper medical proposal, please contact American Income Life Special Risk welcomes questions from any camp regarding accident and illness claims and camp safety.



Twas the Month Before Camp…

Month Before Camp


#TBT – Bill Viar, Special Risk Division Director, Inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame

The AIL Special Risk Division is very proud of our long-standing relationship with 4-H and our status as America’s Leading Insurer of 4-H and Extension Programs. Our Director, Bill Viar was extremely humbled and privileged to be selected for induction into the National 4-H Hall of Fame in 2016.

Knowing that Bill has joined the ranks of the 4-H Hall of Fame is a truly amazing honor that reminds us how intertwined the history of the AIL Special Risk Division is and solidifies that our commitment to the 4-H program truly goes beyond potential profits. We see our partnership as an investment in the youth development professionals and those they serve that will help improve their clubs, communities, country, and world for generations to come.