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Monthly Archives: January 2012

4-H Insurance – Important Changes for 2012

The American Income Life Special Risk Division and 4-H have enjoyed a unique relationship for six decades which has benefited extension staff, volunteer leaders, and youth participants.  Beginning in the 1950's, the company designed special coverages exclusively for 4-H and Cooperative Extension Programs.  First-dollar primary plans are designed to cover the typical accidents and illnesses which occur during youth activities.  Today the vast majority of County, Regional, and State 4-H offices utilize our service.

The company is pleased to announce important changes to our Special Activities Coverage for Accident or Illness effective January 1, 2012.  This marks the first time in our history significant benefit increases are being offered as well as extending full coverage to snow sports and horse activities.   Please carefully review the new rate and benefit options as they are completely different from the old Plans 1, 2, and 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Special Activities Coverage benefits still primary?

Yes.  The new options provide first dollar benefits that pay first regardless of other insurance.  There is no deductible for accidents or illnesses.

Are there any limitations for snow sports or horse activities?

No.  You may select any option to insure participants in snow sports and horse related activities.  This enables you to provide up to $5000.00 in accident coverage for these types of events.

What is the new minimum premium?

The new minimum premium is $8.00 per activity.

May I use my old red, white, and blue Special Activities brochure?

No, please discard your old brochures.  New brochures feature the round AIL logo and Special Risk Division logo (jumping kids).

Are there any changes to the $1-a-year 4-H Club policy?

No. Rates and benefits for the $1-a-year policy remain the same for 2012.

Please e-mail with any comments or questions.